Senior Advisor & Hallitustyö

Senior Advisor & Hallitustyö

I can help you in your problems with company strategy. We can redefine your strategy and support organizational health, selling, marketing and profitability.

I base my problem solving and the way of thinking on my real life experience in running businesses big and small.

I am passionate about how corporations work properly and how to tell their story. For the outside world is means a strong brand, for the company it means strong and inspiring culture.  True values and crystal clear core brand idea is the base for success.

All audiences are important for a brand’s success, internal audience is key to success, but outside engagement drives your profitability. The brand core is the same for both, but the tools in how to achieve success are somewhat different.

I can also help your company as a board member, developing longer perspective plans and optimizing the will of the owners, supporting the CEO.

I am here to help you to succeed.